What Wedding Flowers Are Appropriate For 5 Different Faiths?

Weddings are beautiful for so many reasons: they reflect love and happiness for the couple, they bring an entire group of family and friends all together in one place, and they help us reflect on one of the most sacred things to family and individuals – our faith.

Wedding plans often take into consideration the faith of the family during the selection of wedding flowers for the ceremony and the following reception. Each faith does it differently, and there are a wide variety of flowers that you can choose from to complement your respective faith.

For more information on how flowers can reflect your faith at your wedding, contact your local Toms River florist and discover which flowers are the best option for you.

Before you contact your florist, you may want to know which flowers are already associated with your religion. Below are some great flower choices that reflect some of the most common faiths.

Christianity: White Madonna Lily

Christian Wedding Flowers

The archetypal flower symbolizing purity is the White Madonna Lily. This flower pertains directly to the Christian religion as it is associated with the Virgin Mary. According to Christian doctrine, her tomb was filled with lilies after her assumption into heaven.

The mythic flower has appeared in several forms of Christian art, including paintings of the Annunciation, representing the moment when Gabriel announced to the Virgin that she would bear God’s son.

Judaism: Meaningful Use

jewish wedding flowers

The type of flower isn’t so particular to a Jewish wedding as is the way they are used. In a Jewish wedding, flowers are used to decorate the Chuppah, under which the bride and the groom are wed. Because of this hugely symbolic experience, brides and grooms are often very particular about which flowers they end up using for the wedding ceremony.

Flowers are also used in other places. For example, they are often draped across cakes or given as wedding favors to the wedding party and guests. Their general symbolism of life, beauty and prosperity makes it ideal for them to be used in weddings.

Islam: Various Flowers

muslim wedding flowers

While there isn’t a particular flower associated with Muslim use, they are used symbolically for weddings. On the day of the wedding, the groom leads his family to the bride’s home. Upon arrival, the bride’s sisters welcome the groom party by playfully hitting them with a stick wrapped in flowers.

The groom may also sometimes where a headdress of flowers for the wedding.

Buddhism: The Lotus

Buddhist wedding flowers

For Buddhists, the Lotus symbolizes the most exalted state of man. The Lotus symbolizes the Buddha himself. The legend goes that wherever the Buddha stepped, a Lotus flower, a symbol of knowledge, sprang forth from the ground.

Because the flower is so sacred, it is often used in Buddhist wedding ceremonies. They are beautiful additions to decorate any wedding, and are also very meaningful.

Hinduism: The Lotus

Hindu Wedding Flowers

Hinduism is one of the easiest faiths in which to use flowers to reflect your religion in a wedding ceremony. The very name of the Hindu worship ritual, puja, can be translated as “the flower act.” As it is similar to the Buddhist faith, they also use the Lotus in their wedding rituals.

The Lotus is the most significant display of beauty, prosperity and fertility. According to Hinduism, every human contains the spirit of the sacred Lotus. It represents eternity, purity and divinity and is widely used as a symbol of life, fertility and ever-renewing youth, making it the perfect flower for a wedding.

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