Bring in the New Year with Stunning New Year’s Eve Flowers

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, and the holiday decoration are still filling households everywhere in preparation for the big event – especially New Year’s Eve flowers.

The best types of decorations for the holidays are natural, subtle and very beautiful. Homeowners and families often like to choose flowers to decorate their homes for such occasions as their easy to use and disperse amongst the house. They easily bring holiday cheer to your home around the new year.

For more tips on New Year’s Eve flower arrangements for your home, contact your local Toms River florist and discover how to make your home pop for the holidays.

While there aren’t any particular flowers that are traditional to use to decorate for the New Year, New Year’s Eve flowers are created with a little bit of flare in how you use them to decorate. traditional New Year’s colors like black, white and silver and gold are often used to decorate around this particular holiday.

Decorate with Old Champagne Bottles

New Year's Eve flowers

When you think of New Year’s Eve, you think about having a glass of champagne when the clock strikes twelve – and possibly a new year’s kiss. Use the imagery of beautiful champagne bottles to help create your flower arrangements this season.

You can also use champagne bottles in other ways – consider using the glass from old champagne bottles to make mosaics out of your vases (just be careful when breaking the glass).

Adorn Your Flowers with Glitter

new year's eve flowers

Everything is sparkling on New Year’s Eve – it helps to bring in the new year with a feeling of brightness, and that this new year will be one with a clean slate.

The same sort of feeling should be used in your New Year’s Eve flowers – consider spraying their pedals with glitter or arranging your favorite type of flowers in a beautiful vase that might also be decorated with glitter. This will help bring the spirit of the New Year into your home.

Keep the Date of the New Year in Mind

new year's eve flowers

Do you have any decorations that might say ‘2016’? If so, using them to help break up some of your arrangements are a good way to bring your New Year’s Eve flowers and decorations into your home.

The use of banners, confetti and other types of decorations that you might also want to use in tangent with your flower arrangements can be complementary to your natural decor.

Use them as Holders for Sparklers – But Keep it Safe!

new year's eve flowers

Some people like to light off sparklers on when the clock strikes midnight on the new year – sparkles bring with them that feeling of lightness and shine (as well as fireworks fun) that doesn’t come with any other type of party favor.

You can use your flower arrangements are sparkler holders if you have several guests – just be sure to be careful if you’re lighting off sparklers around your fire arrangements. Flammable objects should be kept away from the fire at all times.

New Year’s Eve flowers are a great way to use natural decor to bring in the New Year. Skip’s Florist carries the largest selection of flowers in the area. If you’re looking for help decorating your home for New Year’s Eve, contact us.

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