Easy and Elegant Holiday Centerpieces

This holiday season bring so many opportunities to be with loved ones – and a that means a lot of dinners together. When you’re hosting a holiday dinner this year, think about some gorgeous holiday centerpieces that you could display for your guests.

For more information on how to obtain some natural beauty in these holiday centerpieces, contact your local Toms River florist to discuss what flowers and foliage would be best for you.

In the meantime, check out some of these cool centerpiece ideas to get your idea juices flowing before that holiday dinner. Some include ornaments, others include a more artistic flare, but they all incorporate natural beauty.

Accompany holiday flowers and ornaments.

holiay centerpiece

Instead of just using flowers to decorate your home this holiday season, use flowers in conjunction with ornaments to help bring out the holiday spirit, no matter what holiday you celebrate.

Put ornaments in a clear vase to showcase both the beauty of the ornaments and the beauty of the flowers. They both go hand in hand in your celebratory holiday centerpiece.

Use pinecones, flowers and other foliage as holiday accents.

Use foliage around the center of your table to bring a bit more holiday cheer as your centerpiece. Include different types of winter foliage such a pinecones and evergreen branches to use as holiday accents.

Use them in conjunction with candles, ornaments or other decorative holidays charms to bring the look of you whole table together.

Peppermint sticks can become a vase for your favorite flower.

Cover the outside of a square vase with straight peppermint sticks for a different type of holiday vase decoration. This is a simple craft to do, and will bring the holiday season and your flower arrangements together this year.

Change out the soil for a bit of holiday cheer.

holiday centerpieces

The soil is always what bring the earthy feel to a vase. For something a bit different, and a little more clean to the mix, and bit more in-line with holiday decorating.

Try putting holiday-themed colored beads or marbles in the bottom of a vase instead of ornaments, or perhaps some tinsel and other holiday decorations to bring out your flowers this season.

Super easy piece includes a holiday platter, ornaments and some pine.

holiday centerpiece

If you’re trying to set up a holiday centerpiece and are low on time, use some winter foliage – such as pinecones and evergreen leaves – and place them on a holiday platter with some other decorations like ornaments.

This quick and easy decoration will look beautiful, without taking up too much time to create.

Carnation candles can bring some light and color to your holidays.

Putting your candles for the holidays in a bed of carnations is a strikingly beautiful and simple way to decorate your home for the holidays. Just make sure you place the candle on a non-flammable platter, and that the candles are tall enough so that the flames are not in the way of the petals.

Pair red flowers and fruit for a beautiful centerpiece.

Don’t forget about fruit – it’s a beautiful and practical way to help decorate a table and home for the holidays. In your holiday centerpiece, include flowers and several pieces of red and green fruit for a natural look.

And of course – just a simple flower arrangement will do beautifully.

holiday centerpiece

At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with a simple flower arrangement to help decorate your table for the holidays. Choosing beautiful and natural flower arrangements will pack a big punch with your guests this holiday season.

Christmas flowers are a great way to use natural decor to bring in the New Year. Skip’s Florist carries the largest selection of flowers in the area. If you’re looking for help decorating your home for Christmas, contact us.

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