5 White Wedding Flower Alternatives to the Calla Lily

Planning a wedding in Ocean County, New Jersey (NJ) means that as a bride or groom to be, you have a lot of options when it comes to your flower selection. For many, white flowers usually make it into the entire flower scheme for a wedding, even if all of the flowers aren’t white.

The most popular white flower to choose for a wedding is the Calla Lily. It’s a beautiful flower, but can sometimes be a boring option for a couple who wants to do things a bit differently. Some alternatives to the Calla Lily are flowers you wouldn’t have originally thought of, and we discuss reasons why they are great choices below.

For more information on choosing a flower selection for your wedding, call your local Toms River florist to discover the perfect white flower for your ceremony and reception.

Just a tip from this Ocean County florist – it’s a good idea to book your flowers a year in advance so you know what they look like at that time of year. That way, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting when it comes time for the flowers to be delivered.

Check out our selection of alternatives to the Calla Lily for the white flower debut at your wedding. Call your Toms River florist for any viewings or questions you may have about the flowers below.

Star of Bethlehem

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The Star of Bethlehem is a beautiful flower to use at weddings. It’s a very intricate looking flower, and is often appealing to brides and grooms who are looking for something different to use in their flower bouquet or arrangements in other areas of the wedding.


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Hydrangeas are flowers with lots of body. They bounce very nicely, and often help wedding bouquets become their round shape. The hydrangea comes in many colors, so if you’re using white as an accent, you can use the same type of flower in different colors for more uniformity.

Your local Ocean County florist will be able to help you choose the perfect flowers for your wedding bouquet and give you the beautiful shape you’ve always wanted.


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These blooms in the summertime, and are therefore a fantastic choice for your late summer or early fall wedding. They are an English flower, and are traditionally a more showy english flower. For those brides and grooms looking for a more fancy wedding option, the Delphinium may be a good choice. Your local Toms River florist will be able to help you match the flowers you choose for your wedding with your theme.


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White Dahlias are beautiful in the middle of summer. They are often chose as an alternative to Calla Lilies because of their nice bloom for weddings in the summer, and they will hold up for long amounts of time after the wedding. If you’re looking for a durable flower that may outlast some of the wedding activities, contact your local Toms River florist.


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Finally, white Roses are one of the most popular flowers used at weddings as an alternative to Calla Lilies for their obvious symbolism of love and strength in friendship. They are a romantic flower, and are a great choice if you’re going for a very romantic wedding.

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