4 Christmas Flowers to Use to Decorate Your Home this Holiday

Christmas is just around the corner, and families are starting to bring joy and decorations to their homes with Christmas trees, ornaments and lights.

Some of the most beautiful decorations for the Christmas holiday come naturally, consider decorating your home or business this holiday season with various Christmas flowers and bring a little bit of natural beauty back to the holiday.

For more information on the best type of Christmas flowers to use to decorate your home or business, contact your local Toms River florist to learn how you can decorate you home with a natural feel this holiday.

Below are four types of flowers traditionally used to help decorate homes and businesses for the Christmas holiday, and some ideas you can snag to get creative when decorating with them.

The Classic and Beautiful Poinsettia

christmas flowers

The Poinsettia is probably the most seen flower during the Christmas season. THe big red and white petals look lovely and festive in your home. This flower also comes in a variety of different colors to give your home the cheery feel you’re looking for.

This flowers is known in Mexico as “The Flower of the Holy Night,” or “The Flower of Christmas Eve.” The Christmas flowers are popular because they can be grown in pots outside in the cold weather. If the area isn’t a frosted area, they will grow into a large bush.

Flowering Cactus to Withstand the Weather

christmas flowers

The cactus generally used for Christmas is called a epiphyte. It’s found growing on the trees in the Brazilian rain forests, and has a flattened stem with flowers of white pink and red. It grows in December, which may be why it’s associated with the Christmas season.

This cactus has to see bright light during the day in order for it to flourish. If you want it to grow flower buds, it has to get at least 14 hours of darkness at night. This Christmas flower’s favorite temperature is 68 degrees.

Amaryllis Flowers Make an Awesome Christmas Gift

christmas flowers

The blooms on this flower are impressive – the red and green flowers can get up to ten inches wide. Their color and girth makes them perfect for decorating around the holiday season, and they’re a little bit easier to take care of than other flowers.

Put them in pots around your home for a fresh fragrance and natural addition to your Christmas color palette, or put them in a pot and tend to them outside for the holiday season, helping to add your family or business’s outdoor decorations.

Last But Not Least: The Christmas Rose

christmas flowers

The Christmas rose actually isn’t a rose at all, it’s a perennial. This flower is big, beautiful and white and grows in the woodlands of southern and central Europe. The Christmas Rose actually likes the snow, and can bloom in temperatures below freezing.

If you’re looking for a bloom to adorn your garden this holiday season, consider using the Christmas rose for a really impressive natural outdoor touch. You’ll have all the neighbors wondering how you got your flowers to bloom so late in the season.

Christmas flowers are a great way to use natural decor to bring in the New Year. Skip’s Florist carries the largest selection of flowers in the area. If you’re looking for help decorating your home for Christmas, contact us.

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