Don’t Make These 4 Beach Wedding Flower Mistakes

When it comes to choosing flowers for your beach wedding, don’t feel stressed. Choosing your flowers should be one of the most fun parts of wedding planning, and can be made easier by following a few easy guidelines.

In general, brides with destination weddings often feel that they need to stick with the theme of their destination – in this case, a beach or tropical location. In some cases, this can make the wedding flower selection less stressful, but not so in other cases. Don’t feel like you have to follow any rules when choosing your wedding flowers.

For many New Jersey (NJ) residents, the Jersey Shore is a popular destination for those who want a beach wedding, but want to keep their celebration local for family and friends.

For more information on mistakes to avoid when choosing your flowers for a local NJ wedding, contact your Toms River florist to make your flower selection less stressful.

You may end up spending a number of hours in a local flower shop selection the right flowers for your beach wedding, but the help of a local Toms River florist will help you to avoid the four common mistakes below that brides and grooms make when selecting flowers for a beach wedding.

Consider the destination climate.

Toms River Florist beach wedding

This pertains to both location and weather. The weather may be unpredictable, but you should be planning for your wedding flowers to be able to thrive during that time of year. The climate in NJ is generally rather mild, so choosing flowers that need intense sunlight or extraordinary heat may not work out for the best.

The rule of thumb for this mistake – make sure the type of flower that you choose will stay fresh throughout the ceremony and the reception. You don’t want your flowers wilting in the heat as you walk down the aisle, or, if you’re in a particularly windy location, you don’t want weak flowers snapping in half or blowing away in the breeze.

You don’t have to overdo it.

Toms River Florist beach wedding

One of the perks of having a beach wedding is that nature is providing most of the beautiful scenery for you. You don’t want to draw away from this natural scenery, or make the ceremony look too crowded with a bunch of decorations that you’ve brought in yourself.

If you overdo it with your flower arrangements, not only will you be spending more money that you have to be, but you will be taking away from the natural beauty of your location. A Toms River florist will be able to assist you in choosing just the right decorations for your wedding.

It doesn’t have to be all about the beach.

Toms River Florist beach wedding

You can keep the flower arrangements simple. Don’t feel like you have to cover every flower arrangement with seashells and starfish. Because, as we mentioned above, that the natural scenery is providing most of the beauty naturally, you don’t have to overdo it with beach decorations.

A local Toms River florist will be able to provide you with guidance regarding your flower decorations and beach décor. You can accent your arrangement with a few seashells perhaps, or you can choose to not incorporate any beach elements. Either way, it won’t take away from your beach theme.

You don’t have to use the flowers provided.

Toms River Florist beach wedding

Many times, if your wedding is at a hotel or resort on the beach, the resort will offer you a package including the flowers for your ceremony. This can be tempting because they will be in control of the set-up, but can often be overly expensive.

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