6 Halloween Decorating Tips with Fall Flowers

The colors of the leaves this time of year are breathtaking. Warm smells and sweater weather makes Fall one the most beloved seasons. Fall’s beauty calls for festive decorations that no one can resist. Bright reds, golds and oranges complement the colors of the leaves, the spirit of the season, and the coming of Halloween! Here are some great tips for making your Fall flowers Halloween appropriate:

Pumpkin Cut-out

Pumpkins are certainly multi-functional. They can be a spooky decoration, have a nice welcoming carved face, a source of light, a source of food, or a flower vase. There are lots of easy ways to make your pumpkin into the best, most creative flower vase, but one way is to carve a whole at the top of the pumpkin as big as the circumference of a tin can. Next, simply stick the tin can into the hole, fill the can with some soil, water and your favorite roses or mums and you’ll be ready for Halloween with a great pumpkin cut-out.

fall flowers

Skull Vase

Fall flowers like goldenrod and russian sage can look wonderful in all types of garden beds and vases. But if you’re really going for the best Halloween look, maybe this year try putting your deep golds and purples into a skull vase to really set the mood in your home. It’s a little creepy (as it should be!), but with the right arrangement it can also be a very classy addition to your interior design.

Candy Corn Flowers

The candy selection for Halloween treats is getting so extensive, a child’s sweet tooth will forever be evolving. However the most classic Halloween candy was, is, and will always be candy corn. So try using some fall flowers to replicate the look of candy corn. Choose whatever vase you like and add in some white carnations, orange roses, and yellow daisies. The bouquet is sure to make your mouth start to water.

Dead Flowers

No one said your fall bouquets had to have LIVING flowers. Arranging dead and dried flowers into a bouquet can enhance the spooky vibe you’re going for this Halloween. It can also be a lot more pleasing to the eye than you may think. Maybe try a tall, thin colorful vase to add some pop to the dead flowers.

Sunflowers and Mums

Sunflowers and mums are two fall flowers that cannot be forgotten this Halloween season. Their classic beauty will complement all of your Fall and Halloween decorations. Even try putting a whole row of pumpkins on display with sunflowers tucked inside of them. Acorns can also be a great addition to any Halloween bouquet. They remind us of the Fall season and can complement brighter colors very well.

fall flowers

Webbed Flowers

Step up your Halloween scare this year by adding spiderwebs to your most beautiful Fall bouquets. It’s super simple and super affordable! Just grab a pair of white panty hose and gently tear them apart, stretching them over the flowers. The webs may be a better look for bouquets of primarily one color. For example, an arrangement of crimson roses and dahlias would look classically earie with a web draped over it.

Spend some extra time decorating the inside and outside of your home this Fall. It’s fun for you and your family, and very fun for trick-or-treaters as well. Give us a call or come on in today to Skip’s Florist and we’ll help arrange the most beautiful Fall bouquet to add to your Halloween decorations.

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