5 Spooky Bouquet Ideas for Halloween Weddings

No one said Halloween couldn’t be romantic. So why not combine forces and make your October wedding Halloween themed. The unusual decorations and colors will be a welcomed relief for the seasoned wedding-goers. Trust us. Keep heads turning and mouths agape with these 5 spooky bouquet ideas for Halloween weddings:

1.Keeping it Traditional

It doesn’t seem having a Halloween could be anywhere near classified as “traditional” , but the themed celebration happens more than you think. The typical, classic look for a Halloween bouquet consists of deep red roses and darker callas. You can even add in some black feathers or other Halloween extras like a skeleton or pumpkin brooch to intensify the presence of your theme.   

halloween weddings

Traditional may also mean traditional Halloween colors. Keep your bouquet the classic black and orange Halloween colors by starting with a base of deep purple hydrangeas and adding in orange and brown leaves, along with orange rose miracle and other quirky additions like branches and skeletons.

Adding in some fall flowers to the bride’s hair or around her veil may be another way to get those Halloween colors involved. It’s a great way to complement her hair as well and create a soft, dainty air.

2. Complement the Dress

With Halloween weddings there can’t be any assumptions. For example, the bride isn’t necessarily wearing a white or ivory dress. She could shock her guests (and even her hubby to be) with a black dress. In the case of a black dress, it’s important to pick the right flowers for your bouquet. Avoid choosing too dark of flowers, or you won’t even be able to see them. Now is the time to complement your dress with oranges and reds when it comes to your flower selection. Make the Halloween theme pop!

3. Keep the White and Your Theme

It’s easy to accomplish a Halloween themed wedding without heading straight down the path of orange and black. Or even save those colors for other decorations besides the flowers. If you’re searching for other options, try using deep purple and white flowers as good Fall staples for your bouquet. Perhaps the centerpiece flowers on your table could be held in a little white pumpkin to create an elegant look.

halloween weddings

4. Glam it Up!

If you’re going for a darker bouquet, for example a collage of midnight purple calla lilies, jazz it up with some glam! Add in some rhinestones or pearls to highlight the bouquet and to create an air of elegance. The stem of your bouquet could even be wrapped in a glimmering shine of rhinestones or sparkling fabric to call attention to your floral arrangement. Just because the flowers may be darker, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the same amount of attention.

5. Don’t forget the vase

Trying dead or even stained black flowers may be a little bit over the top for your taste, so add in the black of Halloween in the form of your vase. This could be a great option for table centerpieces. Shoot for a gothic, vintage theme when searching for different vases. There are tons of affordable options out there!

Halloween themed weddings can be a challenge, but definitely a fun one. Add a pumpkin to the end of every aisle to bring the theme to the audience of the ceremony as well. Maybe even encourage some guests to dress up in costume! Take the theme as far as you, it is in fact your day. For any help designing a Halloween wedding bouquet for your upcoming ceremony, give us a call at Skip’s Florist and we’ll be more than happy to assist you!

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