4 Ways to Use Fall Flowers for Creative Thanksgiving Day Centerpieces

On Thanksgiving we take a step back and remember the many people in our lives who we are thankful for. Without the support of friends and family members, so many of us would not be where we are today. And in celebration of this thanks, there tend to be more family gatherings around November and December. So, this Thanksgiving have your house truly decked out and ready for your guests. Wow them with your food (of course!), but really get their mouths gaping with your beautiful Thanksgiving Day centerpieces. Here are some great ideas:

Pumpkins aren’t Meant Just for Halloween

There’s no need to reserve pumpkins only for Halloween. Keep the pumpkin vibe alive all Fall long and add pumpkins to your home decor for the holidays. Pumpkins can even be a great choice to place along the runner of your Thanksgiving Day dining table. Perhaps one larger one can be in the middle and have smaller and smaller ones scattered as the runner reaches the end of the table. Pumpkins are multi-functioning as they can also act as a vase! Never done it before? It’s easy! Hollow out the pumpkin just as you would if you were carving it, then throw a tin can in, some water, and some festive Fall flowers and viola you’ve got a vase and a beautiful Thanksgiving Day centerpiece! Sunflowers and mums are a great choice to put inside a pumpkin, as their colors complement the orange of the pumpkin just perfectly. Branch out a little with your pumpkin choices too. White pumpkins are very in this season and can be easily spiced up with surrounding gourds.

Thanksgiving Day centerpieces

Include the Traditional Cornucopia

The cornucopia is the classic symbol of Thanksgiving and including it on your Thanksgiving Day table is a must! Cornucopia’s are typically filled with fruits and vegetables, but be a little creative this year and add some Fall flowers to the mix. Including oranges, yellows, and pinks can enhance the Fall aura of your flower arrangement. So, maybe try adding in some pink roses, sunflowers, or even some stalks of wheat.

Thanksgiving Day centerpieces

Make Your Kids Smile

Depending on the age of your children, they may not yet understand the significance of a cornucopia or the history behind Thanksgiving. But more likely than not, they will at least know what a turkey is! For your Thanksgiving Day centerpiece this year, include a turkey, a pilgrim, or a scarecrow to liven up the centerpiece and draw your kids’ eyes to it as well. This can be done in all sorts of simple, do it yourself ways. For a turkey figurine try using a pinecone for a body and attaching colorful feathers to it for its tail. Around whatever figurine you choose, you can add in some acorns or lower Fall flowers like mums so they don’t overshadow the presence of the character.

Thanksgiving Day centerpieces

Go Vintage

Another way to add some pizazz to your Thanksgiving Day centerpiece, is by using a classic, old, vintage container. Don’t assume that Fall flowers must always be kept in a vase. This year try using a wooden box or maybe an old pitcher from one of your relatives. Not only will it complement the Fall flowers, but it will absolutely please the older members of your Thanksgiving dinner. Now, all that’s left is picking the perfect flower arrangement. For the best Fall flowers, try adding goldenrod, russian sage, or even some leaves to your festive bouquet.

Food isn’t the only thing that will be the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving Day table this year. Choosing the right Fall flowers and container for your centerpiece can really make the dinner come together and come alive! So get creative this year. Looking for Fall flowers or some design help? Give us a call today at Skip’s Florist!

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