5 Funeral Flowers to Commemorate a Loved One

The death of a loved one is never an easy experience. That’s why it’s so important for family and friends to lean on each other, and to mourn properly after a death. One of these such mourning processes is the funeral. A funeral is a great time to commemorate the deceased and to gather with others going through a similar emotional experience as yourself.

Adding the right flowers to your funeral or memorial service can make all the difference in lifting people’s spirits and in creating an atmosphere of beauty and of love. Flowers have been proven to uplift people’s spirits, to ease depression, and anxiety, and to increase life satisfaction. In times of loss, the more flowers the better. Funeral flowers are usually scattered around the church or reception hall, on the casket, and even at the gravesite. They are an active way of appreciating the life and happiness this person gave you. The following are some wonderful suggestions of funeral flowers and their meaning:


Roses are a staple funeral flower and depending on the color of the rose, can have a variety of meanings. Red roses represent the love and connection you had to the deceased, as well as the grief you feel over their death. White roses express purity and spirituality, which is truly fitting as your loved one passes from this world to the next. Yellow roses are often given from friends to show their understanding of your feelings, and to express their support especially during this hard time.


Lilies are probably the most popular funeral flower. Their familiar smell and look give those grieving comfort amidst the overwhelming emotions of loss. Lilies represent the peaceful and innocent state the deceased has now gone to. One of the most important things to remember when losing a loved one, is that they are no longer suffering. Lilies help remind us of this fact. For Christians, it is believed that lilies covered the outside of the Virgin Mary’s tomb.

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The hyacinth flower is primarily useful in complementing other flowers in an arrangement. Some people believe the hyacinth flower represents sport and play, so having this flower central in arrangement is sometimes discouraged. However, the purple hyacinth is thought to signify sorrow and grief. Consider incorporating purple hyacinth funeral flowers into your ceremony. Purple could do wonders in complementing the basic white of a lily.


The hydrangea has a multitude of meanings, but overall will always represent heartfelt understanding and love. It also signifies grace and beauty, which are two wonderful ways of commemorating the beautiful life of the deceased and their presence in this world.  


Orchids can also be a great option when searching for the best funeral flowers. Just like roses, they can come in a multitude of colors, which allow for beautiful and diverse bouquets. Yellow and green orchids can be a great combination because of their meanings. Yellow orchids signify joy and new beginnings, while green signifies health and life. As sad as a funeral can be, it is also a time of celebration. It is a time to celebrate the wonderful life of a loved one and to remember the great time you shared.

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There is so much to think about when it comes to a funeral and unfortunately this is one of the hardest times to plan because of the emotional strains. So, if you don’t want to have to handle the responsibility of choosing flowers around this hard time, leave it up to the professionals. Contact us today at Skip’s and we’ll help you choose your funeral flowers and arrange them just how you like.  

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