4 Popular Funeral Flower Meanings and How We Make Them Keepsakes for Families

When choosing flowers for a New Jersey (NJ) funeral, friends and family members often want to choose flowers that reflect the relationship that they had with that person.

During this very personal and often melancholy experience, it can be difficult to make decisions about funeral arrangements. When it comes to choosing flowers, the decision doesn’t have to be a difficult one. In fact, there are several flowers that are often used for funerals that have deep meaning for families of all shapes and sizes.

For more information on what type of funeral flowers would be best for you and your loved ones, contact your local NJ florist to gain access to a large selection of choices and help planning your funeral event.

The flowers are important for more than just the funeral. Here at Skip’s, we take your funeral flower arrangements to the next level – we collect leftover flowers from your loved one’s funeral and repurpose them into new flower arrangement for friends and family to have as a keepsake.

The gesture doesn’t just extend to families – it can extend to any institution that person may have been a part of. Often we send arrangements to the nursing home where the recently passed once lived, as a keepsake of their memory there.

For something this special, it’s important to make the right decision. Check out the flower types below so you can find the perfect flower to honor your loved one at his or her funeral – and even further – help your friends, families and affiliations remember them after the funeral has passed.

Lilies: The Favorite Smell

funeral flower meaning


These are often considered the “go-to” funeral flower, as there is significant meaning behind this fragrant blossom. Lilies stand for innocence, and their presence at a funeral symbolizes the soul returning to a state or peace of innocence – a very reassuring sentiment for loved ones attending.

An extension of the Lily, the Peace Lily Plant is symbolizes innocence and re-birth of the departed soul from this more complex world to a simpler more peaceful place. These last a bit longer, and are good to send to someone who may be grieving.

Roses: Deep Love

funeral flower meaning

Dark red roses are common at funerals because of their well-known affiliation with a deep love for whomever they are given to. In contrast with flowers such as lilies that are meant to represent a certain lightness and innocence surrounding the passing of a loved one, the roses reflect the state of grief and love for the person who has recently departed.

Different colors of roses can have different meanings. While red often symbolizes the love of a family member or partner, yellow roses are often brought by friends to express their bond, or sometimes pink roses to express thankfulness to the deceased.

Chrysanthemums: Honor the Deceased

funeral flower meaning

The most interesting aspect of the Chrysanthemum is that its meaning reverberated globally. This flower focuses on sympathy for the family of the deceased, and brings honor to the person whom has recently passed. For more traditional style families, these flowers will often be given as gifts to provide honor and love to those who are in mourning.

In Asia in particular, the flower not only symbolizes honor but re-birth. They are given at both baby showers and funerals in respect for a belief in reincarnation often associated with various Asian religions.

Carnations: Meaning Based on Color

funeral flower meaning

If you have various meanings that you want to express throughout your funeral and for your loved one that has recently passed, consider using various colored carnations. Traditionally, the red carnation shows affection for a past loved one while the white carnations symbolize innocence and a light tone.

Some of the colors have a more religious meaning. For example, Catholics and Christians believe that pink carnations were created from the Virgin Mary’s tears, and are popular for funerals of families that practice these religions.

Skip’s is a leading provider of flower funeral arrangements in the state of NJ. For more information on how we can help your family in the funeral planning process, contact us.

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