Nine Flower Tips for a Summer Wedding

Summer weddings in South Jersey – there’s the beach, the bay, the sunlight caressing off the water in that most beautiful of fashion. A summer wedding can be the fairy tale that women dream of from the time they are little girls. Unlike a traditional indoor wedding which can be upset by February snow storm, or darkened by an early evening cloud, mostly stuck indoors, Summer Weddings can be picturesque,  beautiful, and outdoors. Here in South Jersey, we have the added convenience of one of the region’s most beautiful coast lines. A wedding on the beach is a wedding friends and family talk about for years.

With a summer wedding comes a myriad of ways to use flowers. Flowers in bloom at a summertime wedding serve as a metaphor for budding new love. Here are some ways to accent a summertime wedding with flowers.

A Carnation Bouquet

Summer carnations are usually the color of antique lace like a summertime wedding dress and make a great bouquet to match a classically colored summer dress.

summer wedding flowers

Flower Cut Boutonniere

Four inch cuts from the flowers used in the rest of the wedding will accent and make an outfit pop.

Flower Table Centerpieces

If you are having a summer wedding, especially one that’s outdoors a centerpiece made of flowers will naturally fit in and flow with the idea of summer. The aroma of fresh flowers will ruminate through the party in the summer, keeping your summer wedding party fresh.

Fresh Picked Bouquet

A fresh picked bouquet made of such flowers as chamomile, heather, scaviosa, and white daises, and other fresh flowers will add a level of elegance to a summer wedding. The moments when the bride tosses the bouquet and the team of single women try to catch it, will be all the more beautiful with a fresh picked bouquet.

Wedding Cake Topper

A wedding cake is going to spend most of the ceremony being looked at, rather than eaten. Accenting a wedding cake with flowers for a summer time wedding are going to add that level of beauty you want on your wedding day.

Aisle Running Flowers

A wedding in the summer or on the beach can be beautifully accented with flowers running along the aisle. When the flower girl begins to lay flower petals on the aisle the amazing display along the aisle will match the flowers being thrown.

Flower Girl Petals

There is nothing that looks quite as elegant and tone setting as a flower girl tossing authentic flower pedals down the aisle. Unlike plastic or fake flowers, real flowers flow in the summer wind in an almost fairy tale way.

Flowers as a Backdrop for the Name Cards

Rather than a simple card on a plain white table, accent the table and backdrop of the table with a beautiful arrangement of flowers that match the wedding backdrop.

Flowered Curtain at the Entrance

There is a moment at the beginning of the reception when the bride and groom step into the room. All eyes are on them. It is a wonderful photo opportunity that can be enhanced by a curtain of flowers making a memorable and unique entrance point for the bride groom and party.

summer wedding flowers

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