Wedding Flower Trends for 2015

Hey brides-to-be! Is your big day in the new year? Then have we got a treat for you! We’ve compiled the 5 hottest wedding flower trends to look out for in 2015, and there are some absolute stunners in the mix!

Wild Garden

The ‘fresh-picked’ wedding flower look that gained popularity among brides in 2014 isn’t showing any signs of stopping. This floral trend favors assortments of lightly colored wild or garden flowers over the typically singular and bold arrangements of more traditional wedding flowers. The soft colors and gentle tones of a mixed wild-flower bouquet offers a lovely alternative to the typically rose stuffed bouquets of yester-year. So consider trading in the roses for fresh cut sweat peas, tulips, and pansies and going wild!

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Romantic Luxe

Celebrity weddings are the main inspiration for this up-and-coming wedding flower trend, and next year’s brides are showing there love for Romantic Luxe designs in a big way! Romantic Luxe is all about high flower content and bloom density. Foliage, leaves, and stems are removed in favor of stuffing even more blooms into arrangements. The end result is truly stunning. However, so is the cost! Romantic Luxe floral designs often require a sizable floral budget, so make sure you start saving now!

Flower Crowns

Groovy baby! Flower crowns aren’t just for children of the love generation; they are becoming increasingly popular among brides looking for a non-traditional approach to brighten up their big day. While flower crowns are not for everyone, or every ceremony, those brides who opt for an outdoor ceremony in a natural setting may wish to consider this fun floral accessory.

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Wool Wraps

The incorporation of natural, earthy materials into wedding bouquets is a style trend that is already quite popular in Europe, but is only now popping up in American weddings. Wool-wrapped bouquets exude a particularly earthen elegance, especially when used in winter ceremonies. Weaving ivory and gray fabric through the stems of a bouquet only enhances this effect. If you’re going for a ‘Bohemian’ feel at your wedding, consider this fun and quirky new trend.

Hanging Blooms

What’s more fetching then a perfectly sculpted floral arrangement? A perfectly sculpted floral arrangement in the sky! Hanging or suspended floral arrangements are a fantastic and modern way to display wedding flowers. While, much like Romantic Luxe, these floral designs can become quite pricy, those brides with big flower budgets are flocking to these energetic and elegant designs.

wedding flower toms river

Wedding Flowers from Skip’s

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