Ten of the Best Flowers for Spring Weddings

The spring wedding season is just around the corner which means spring flowers! The flowers at a wedding really set the tone as well as represent the couples love. But an important part of weddings is the budget. By selecting flowers in season you can save money. To help with this process, we’ve found the best flowers for spring weddings and explain what makes them stand out.


If you’re going with blue for your spring wedding, these flowers may be your best  bet. While they are also pink, white, yellow, purple and red, their blue color is different from most flowers. In a lot of blue flowers you can detect pink or purple. In Hyacinth, their blue is a clear, sky-blue and nothing more.

best flowers for spring weddings


What makes columbines special is their long vase life. You want to remember your special day for as long as you possibly can. These flowers will help because they last a week to 10 days without wilting. They fight perfectly into casual wedding flower arrangements and can be found in purple, pink, red, blue or even bi-colors.

best flowers for spring weddings


If you’re going vintage for your wedding, you want to go with lilac flowers. They have a rich heritage as Victorian flowers and add mass and texture to large flower arrangements. They are highly fragrant flowers and are most commonly found in purple, white and red.

best flowers for spring weddings


Perfect for the spring time, these flowers are bright yellow and stand out. They have a strong woody stem which allows them to stand tall. Because of this they are perfect for large ceremony arrangements as opposed to being used in bouquets. Additionally, their vivid color will stand out because the flower blooms before the leaves resulting in no greenery.

best flowers for spring weddings


The peony blossom fits perfectly into any wedding arrangement and is the perfect flower for a springtime wedding. These flowers aren’t just pretty and fragrant but they hold meaning to a wedding day. They represent good karma and a happy life and marriage. Because of their high petal count, you don’t need a lot to make a statement. They are popular in white, pink, red and garnet.

best flowers for spring weddings


These gorgeous flowers come in the perfect springtime colors; purple, peach, pink and ivory. They are odorless flowers and are usually found in clusters. Inside foxgloves you’ll find freckles which add to their stunning appearance.

best flowers for spring weddings

Lilly of the Valley

The perfect bouquet filler, these dainty flowers have a powerful fragrance and delicate appearance. They are also known as Lady’s Tears and have a waxy look. They are best kept in white or pink wedding bouquets as they would get lost in larger arrangements.

best flowers for spring weddings


If you’re looking for something different in your wedding arrangement, look no further than the Poppy. These differ from the rest of the spring flowers as they do not come in spring colors. Poppy flowers are a bold red with a black center. They are the perfect flower for making a strong statement at your wedding.

best flowers for spring weddings


Stock blooms are not the most stunning flower but they have a rich fragrance. They are most commonly used for giving wedding arrangements character and scent. Popular wedding flowers like calla lilies or orchids have little to no fragrance. Stock blooms are there to freshen up the arrangement.

best flowers for spring weddings


Native to South Africa, these flowers represent trust and innocence making them the perfect wedding day staple. Sporting colors such as pink, purple, white, orange, red and yellow they fit beautifully into springtime wedding themes. These fragrant single stem flowers work best in bridal bouquets and corsages.

best flowers for spring weddings

Try out these flowers in your wedding arrangements and see if they fit. Most can be found in the perfect springtime colors and scents making them the best flowers for spring weddings. Your spring wedding is just around the corner! We can help you get started with the best flowers for spring weddings. Give us a call today!

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