Flower Feature: 5 Reasons to Use Peony Blossoms for Your Spring Wedding

Spring wedding season is finally here. It’s time for beautiful outdoor ceremonies, light color weddings and graceful flower arrangements. Choosing which flowers best fit with a wedding style is only one of the many decisions a bride has to make. This month, we’re featuring the peony blossom because of its flawless appearance and ability to build character into wedding arrangements.

The peony blossom has a long history as a beautiful flower for all occasions. In the spring time, they are the top choice for many brides and for good reason. Peony blossoms have a lot to offer a bride on her wedding day. From their rich history to their beautiful look, these flowers have it all.


The peony has been adorable by many over the centuries. Its roots are in China where it was commonly used as the art subject for many paintings, decorative pieces and tapestries. In the eight century, Japanese artist became enticed by the beauty of the flower before it was finally introduced to Europe in the 18th century. Throughout its history, the peony gained a reputation – a reputation that holds great meaning for wedding days. It is now known to represent good karma, a happy life and marriage as well as prosperity making it the perfect choice for a spring wedding.

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Peony blossoms are not a cheap flower and for good reason – with a deep history and high petal count, they are highly desirable. However, their season is the spring making them affordable for a spring bride. While throughout most of the year a peony can cost more than a rose, in April and May they can be found for under $10 a stem.


Peony blossoms are large flowers. They have a very high petal count so they can fill up an arrangement quickly. This is a good thing because it means you don’t have to buy a lot of peonies to make a statement. Their blossoms are thick and bold. Just a few of them can fill out an arrangement and make it beautiful.


These blossoms have different colors throughout the year. In the fall and winter, they have darker colors such as coral, burgundy and hot pink. In the spring, they have the perfect spring colors. Delicate shades of pink, blush and white that match nicely with spring weddings. These colors are light so they can be a good accent color if a bride is using a purple, mint or blue theme for their wedding. Additionally, pinks and blush are a common theme color for spring brides making the peony blossom a great fit.


No matter the style of your wedding or your arrangements, the peony blossom is sure to be a perfect fit. They come in all the ideal spring time colors, have a beautiful fragrant and are big enough to stand apart in center pieces or large flower arrangements.

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Peony blossoms are a very diverse flower and can stand up to many different wedding themes, styles and colors. They’re ideal for spring time. Skip’s Florist has helped over 3,000 brides find their perfect wedding day flowers and styles. Located in Toms River, New Jersey – the Jersey shore – Skip’s is no stranger to spring weddings. Spring wedding season is here so give us a call to find the best match for your wedding.

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