What You Should Know About the 2015 Wedding Season

Trends of old and new are reflected in floral bouquets and arrangements as the 2015 wedding season goes into full swing. Hydrangeas, Calla Lilies, Roses dominated yesterday’s flowers of choice, along with Stephanotis in tight “roundy-moundy” hand tied bouquets. Our weak economy was reflected in the decorations brides were willing to forego to keep within a budget. Stella Skolnik, an owner of Skip’s Toms River Flower and Gifts and a wedding consultant, said many brides were cutting decorations from the ceremony and opting for artificial flowers for their reception.

“It’s admirable how brides tend to be selfless and consider everyone else,” Stella explained, “but they forget that this day should be all about them! My goal is to make certain that my bride has exactly what she envisions for herself; the wedding party is secondary.”

Wedding bouquet


Today’s brides are still budget conscious, but they are savvy in knowing where to cut extras in order to have flowers throughout the wedding, including the ceremony and the reception. Steall adds:

“I think that decorating the ceremony area is very important. After all, the very first part of every invitation requests the presence of guests to witness a marriage. This means that something very special will happen and it should all look very special for then and the bride and groom. It may be a 20-minute ceremony, but they are photographed for hours from every angle and should be surrounded by beautiful flowers. If not for this occasion, then when?”

The only traditional item being discarded is the aisle runner since many churches are banning them for safety reasons.

At the reception venues, the past has seen dusty artificial arrangements brought out of storage and places on tables. More brides would rather skip and appetizer and buy a fresh centerpiece. Guests are coming from a distance, paying for hotels and bringing a gift, so they should be treated to a special dinner with fresh flowers to look at.

The bouquet style for the bride and wedding part is still hand-tied bouquets; the Nosegay and the Cascade are becoming popular with our modern brides. Designed in floral foam in a bouquet holder, these bouquets use fewer flowers and are less expensive without sacrificing size or quality.

The flowers being requested are beautiful Garden Varieties such as Anemones, Dahlias, Gerber Daisies, and Garden Roses. These flowers are different, come in colors that complement the new colors of the dresses, and are less expensive than Orchids, Roses and Callas.

2015 wedding season

Using a budget friendly florist, like Ski’s Flowers and Gifts, makes a big difference. “Our designers have the experience, the creative imagination and the excellent craftsmanship to create outstanding arrangements and bouquets.” We have served Ocean County for over 60 years and hold dear to our Family Tradition of Excellence. Our weddings are not a one-time affair; it’s just the beginning of a lifetime relationship. We want to be there for all the special milestone.”

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