Holiday Flowers in Toms River

A Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah to all!

Tis the season of giving, and here at Skip’s Toms River Florist, we’re here to give you some gifting tips! Between tablets and PCs, smart TVs and smart phones, there are a ton of ‘hot’ gifts available this season. While tech gifts and gizmos are always cropping up on seasonal ‘must have’ lists, they all share a common flaw.

For as sleek and fashion-forward as modern tech devices are, they lack that that ‘something special’ that makes a gift truly meaningful. They lack the personal touch of a truly thoughtful gift.

And so, we suggest that this year you pass over the fancy and pricy gadgets and give something from the heart, flowers!

Flowers always make for a fantastic gift. Sure, they aren’t blue-tooth ready or wi-fi capable, but they sure are beautiful! Flowers fill a home with color and ambiance, brightening the season in a very literal fashion. The soft scent of fresh flowers fill a home with comforting smells.

Flowers for Christmas

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a red Poinsettia which are considered the Christmas Flower. Our poinsettias are individually selected at New Jersey farms. They are available in various colors like red, pink, white, splash and punch. The Christmas  winter rose poinsettia is available only in red.  Contrary to various reports poinsettias are not poisonous to animals or humans.

Flowers for Hanukkah

Many Jewish families share the joy of Hanukkah by sending Hanukkah floral arrangements and gift baskets to their loved ones. Hanukkah flowers, typically of blue or white coloration, have symbolic significance. Since blue and white are considered Hanukkah colors, a wide variety of blue and white colored flowers including babys breath or blue and white lilies make for lovely Hanukkah arrangements. Blue and white tinted roses are also particularly popular.

holiday flowers toms river

Flowers for Corporate Events

Many companies have corporate events during the holiday season. While a corporate event is rarely an occasion for ‘gift giving’, flowers are often an integral part of decorating for these events. A wide variety of seasonal blooms are available to help ‘liven up’ any business gathering or corporate event.

Flowers for Weddings

And let us not forget Winter Weddings! Couples who choose to tie the know during the winter months have the privilege of decorating with winter blooms. From scarlet red to deep blue to stark white, there are seasonal flowers available during winter to suit any wedding color scheme. White roses are increasing in popularity for winter brides, as are arrangements of blue and white flowers.

holiday flowers in toms river

Whatever the occasion, if you’re looking for holiday flowers in Toms River, look no further than Skip’s Toms River Florist and Gifts. A third generation, family-owned floral shop in Toms River, New Jersey, Skip’s has a wide variety of seasonal blooms and unique gifts available. Our award winning florists are committed to making your Holidays Happy.

For holiday flowers in Toms River, Skip’s is the place to be!

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