Give Thanks; With Flowers!

Thanksgiving is a time to relish in the comforts of home and family. It is a time of reflection, sharing, and togetherness when we gather around our loved ones in a spirit of cooperation and giving. We garnish our homes and tables in the trappings of the season; linens of earthy tone punctuated by accents of scarlet and gold, cornucopias stuffed with seasonal foods, seasonal foods stuffed with other food… the list goes on.

But no Thanksgiving table is complete without the right floral arrangement to bring it all together. In fact, flowers play a bigger role in Thanksgiving celebrations than you may realize…


A skilled florist can bring a Thanksgiving table to life with the right floral centerpiece. A sprawling, low floral arrangement, know as a horizontal bouquet, can transom your Thanksgiving table into a cascade of Autumn hues. Looking for something that takes up a little less real estate? Consider a basket arrangement of seasonally colored blooms, such as Orange Lilies or Viking Poms for a striking and rustic looking centerpiece. Either option will make your Thanksgiving table pop with holiday cheer!

thanksgiving flower arrangment


Wondering what gift to bring to your friends or loved ones? Not sure if that $60 bottle of wine is a taster favorite or over-priced swill? Don’t risk it; a flower arrangement is a guaranteed hit! Not only will the bright colors, fragrance, and seasonal designs bring cheer to the holiday, but they will keep doing so for days, reminding your hosts of what a wonderful guest you are and ensuring you get invited to the next feast. If you’re pressed for time or if you are sending flowers to a diner you can’t attend, remember that many florists offer same or next day delivery. Skip’s Toms River Florist and Gifts even offers same day delivery on Thanksgiving Day!


Flowers are a fantastic way to bring the season home and offer a great alternative to ribbons, garland, and pumpkins that tend to dominate most Thanksgiving decorations. The wild and garden flowers in many regions tend to be scarce in Fall, but Skip’s Toms River Florist and Gifts still has an excellent selection of a wide variety of seasonally colored blooms available. Stop in and take a look at all the options we have on hand to brighten your Thanksgiving!

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Skip’s Toms River Florist and Gifts is a third generation, family owned florist, providing beautiful floral arrangements and unique gifts since 1949. Known as “The Showcase of Ocean County”, our award-winning florists have even designed floral arrangements for the White House.

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